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It's Year 2 of the Mayor's Challenge Race!! This race will close out YEET! Youth Festival. Up to 36 people can participate in the 2 hour workshop. You must design & build a moving vehicle using Little Bits, snap-together technology. Or you can enter a vehicle using your own Little Bits. (Hint - if you're looking for sneaky tips drop by the Learning Lab on Sunday morning, March 3) The Mayor's team have a head start! Last year THE KIDS won. This year is anyone's guess. Buttons and prizes for all participants. Special prize for the First Team across the finish line. If you're not part of the Great Race stick around for the fun and become part of the cheering crowd. Form a Team (2 - 6 participants) Choose a Team Name Register here (or) ask for more info : contact@newmediagallery.ca Show up at the Starting Gate at 3:00pm, March 3, Anvil Centre Atrium! Good Luck!

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Age Restriction 5 to 18