Wearables: Intro, Light + Touch
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Nov 28/ Dec 05
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About this Course

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic our Wearables class will be held virtually on Zoom. This is the first class in the Wearables series that introduces the art and design concepts that go into wearable technology. We will also explore light and touch sensors. In this series, we focus on building soft circuits and embedding sensor technology into garments to make reactive/interactive fashion apparel.  Requirements: Wearables kit: - Protosnap Plus Kit - Conductive Thread - Conductive Fabric - Velostat - Conventional sewing materials like needles, cloth, felt, foam and coloured thread. Buy from New Media Gallery ($60) plus specific tools required per workshop. Kit pickup times will be emailed. This series will also teach coding using Arduino and Processing software.

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