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Welcome Tiny Tots & Parents! Join us in an exciting program series that integrates simple sound, movement and light technologies for preschoolers. Your toddler will journey through the captivating New Media Exhibition TRACE. Here they will encounter amazing art and also explore how technology transforms the ways in which we leave our mark on the world. Robotic drawing machines, artificial intelligence and portraiture, there is much to see! Over four weeks we will use storytelling and play as our primary momentum. Children will learn alongside their parents in this interactive program. While your tots play and get their bodies moving they will be introduced to the core components of the Tiny Tots Program Series: learning about simple circuit making, coding and computational thinking in a stimulating and fun environment. It's time to play! Please note Tiny Tots I & II compliment each other, your Tots don't have to take Tiny Tots I before taking Tiny Tots II.

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Age Restriction 3 y 6 mos to 5 y 8 mos